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This was the official website of ‘Rays or Worship’, a work in Mbale Uganda and was sponsored and provided by revivalUk from the UK.

Rays of Worship has now set up an alternative website which no doubt you can will find if you put it into ‘Google’, If you were looking for ‘Rays of Worship’ on this site we, the sponsors, apologise that you have not found what you are looking for but were only informed of the change when the new website was in operation and of course as each website has its own domain name and you can only access the one you look for.

The sponsors would direct you to


as they work with other church groups and ministries and schools in Uganda and their information is on that website with details as what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing through their work and the work of the sponsors with them. There are many testimonies of God’s goodness that you will find to encourage you in your faith.

Bishop Ojiambo Frederick who is the leader of ‘Healing Driven Ministries’ ,based in Jinja, encouraged us recently saying that the churches visited in Uganda by them  and Mike Cadman from the UK were finding the truth of the gospel empowering their lives and keeping them away from the ‘prosperity gospel’, a false teaching which is regrettably invading so many churches and ministries in Uganda, This wrong teaching promotes men and ministries and only makes promises of tomorrow and leads those who follow such falsehood away from the truth of the Full Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He alone is our Saviour and wants each of us to have our own relationship with Him and to have eternal life both in this world and that which is to come. Jesus Himself alone can give us true eternal salvation and fill us with His Spirit that we may serve Him all the days of our lives.

For much more information and teaching and many more testimonies please go to www.revivaluk.org.uk the original website and read and be encouraged.

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Jesus Christ is Lord of allBringing the true gospel to you!