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How to become a Christian

Pray this prayer with all your heart

Lord Jesus thank for what I have read in the Bible and how it has spoken to me.

I understand that you love me in spite of my needs and problems. I admit these before you and recognise that I have not followed your will and have done my own thing in my life and have sinned in my life and that was very wrong, and I now need your help and to follow your will.

I thank you for dying for me and taking my sin onto yourself so that I could be forgiven and that all my sin and wrongdoing could be washed all away.

Please forgive all my sin and wash away that sin, make me clean in heart and mind and free from the guilt for what I have done in the past.
Please come into me, into my life and change me. Fill me with the Holy Spirit so that now I have your strength in me and your love to be able to live a life which pleases you so that I can love you and serve you for the rest of my life on the earth.

Show me your will and lead me please in that will whatever it is. I understand now that your will is the best thing for me.

Thank you thank you thank you I now belong to you.


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